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(Tax Included)
Up to 2 hours $2.00
2 to 12 hours $7.00
Full Day

Rate Comparison
Midway Park Saver $12.99
Midway Park Saver with Coupon $11.00
Airport Economy Lot $15.00
Airport Garage

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Map and Directions
Map & Directions

Midway Park Saver provides a highly convenient and secure place to park your car with the lowest rates available at Chicago's Midway Airport! Midway Park Saver normally charges only $12.99 per day, but with our online coupon you pay only $11.00 per day (all taxes included - no hidden charges). This is an unmatched value - across the street the Airport's garage charges $30.00 per day.

You park your own car. You keep your keys!

Getting to the airport: Unlike the airport's "Economy" Parking Lot, at Midway Park Saver you will never be inconvenienced waiting for a shuttle bus to carry you to or from the airport. We are located on 59th Street just across the street from Midway Airport's new terminal building. From the front of our parking lot, simply cross the street into the airport skywalk. In the skywalk a moving sidewalk will help carry you into the airport. Total time from the front of our parking lot to the airport ticket counters is less than seven minutes. We do provide a complimentary in-lot shuttle bus to carry you to the front of our parking lot.

We have plenty of parking spaces available! We recently added 200 additional spaces and we are not yet operating at our new capacity of 1,400 parking spaces.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (312)756-7777 or help@midwayparksaver.com.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.

  4607 W. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60629

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